Drunk Driving

Driving after drinking alcohol is dangerous

Drunk Driving Statistics

  • One in seven of all car accident deaths involves drunk drivers
  • Alcohol related crashes are the leading cause of death for young Americans, between the ages of 16 and 24 years old
  • One American life is lost every 20 minutes in alcohol related auto crashes
  • Over 394,000 people have dies in alcohol related accidents in the past 20 years
  • Over 17,000 people are killed each year in alcohol related accidents
  • 300+ people are killed each WEEK in alcohol related accidents
  • 45+ people are killed each DAY in alcohol related accidents
DWI Checkpoint: An Inside Look

Drunk Driving Vocabulary

BAC - Blood Alcohol Content - this is a measurement of the amount of alcohol in someone's blood. The only way to lower a person's BAC is to give it time to digest through the body.

DUI - Driving while under the Influence - this is a crime and a person can get arrested for DUI.

DWI - Driving while Intoxicated - this is when the BAC is higher than the legal limit. This is also a crime and a person can be arrested for DWI.

What Alcohol can do to your body?

When a person is under the influence of Alcohol they can have:

  • impaired vision
  • slower reaction times
  • difficulty focusing and concentrating
  • feeling relaxed and sleepy
  • difficulty doing more than one task at a time
  • failure to obey road rules
"Never" TAC Drink Drive TV ad