Seton Hall University @ Raritan Valley Community College

Offered Over Three Weekends at Raritan Valley Community College

EDST6505 TESL I Language Acquisition (3-Graduate Credits)

Instructor: Diana Cerrato Sefchik

Earn 3 graduate credits in three weekends (10/31 & 11/1, 11/14 & 11/15, 12/5 & 12/6)

Course Description:

EDST6505 TESL I Language Acquisition is a foundations course for teachers of English language learners. The primary focus is on teaching pre-k through grade 5. (The focus is on grades 6 through adults in EDST 6506 TESL II) Participants learn knowledge and skills for developing listening comprehension and oral proficiency through personal narration, storytelling, games and songs. There is an emphasis on various strategies for teaching reading and diagnosing reading readiness and progress. Strategies are learned for developing writing skills and increasing vocabulary in the content areas in preparation for entering mainstream classes.

Course is offered at a 25% Discount from standard SHU Graduate Costs!

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The Program – 15 Credits

The TESOL Endorsement program is a 15 credit program. Students who successfully complete this program will be qualified to apply for an Endorsement to Teach English Language Learners. The Endorsement program is guided by state and national standards.

EDST6504 - Applied Linguistics

EDST6505 - TESL I Theory and Practice of Teaching ESL

EDST6506 -TESL II Theory and Practice of Teaching ESL

EDST6507 - Second Language Assessment

EDST6560 - Historical and Cultural Background of English Language Learner

The Department of Educational Studies within the College of Education and Human Services at Seton Hall University offers a means for applicants with a bachelor’s degree and prior certification* to obtain an endorsement qualifying them to Teach English Language Learners.

*Students who do not have certification will need to complete student teaching or obtain a waiver based on previous teaching experience

Why is this a good endorsement to get?

The number of English language learners in American schools has more than doubled over the past 20 years. In New Jersey there are more than 276,031 PreK-12 students for whom English is not their first language. Of this group, 61,702 are identified as Limited English Proficient. ELLs come from a wide variety of backgrounds: there are approximately 151 languages spoken by English Language Learners in New Jersey.

On completing the Seton Hall University TESOL Program you will be certified to teach in New Jersey and qualified to teach ELL in K-12 and adult education throughout the United States and abroad.

About the Educational Studies Department at Seton Hall University

Expand your horizons to include the wonders of childhood and the multitude of teaching opportunities for which you can prepare while attending Seton Hall University’s College of Education and Human Services. Our programs offer students knowledge and understanding in the foundations of education that enhance professional preparation for the 21st century.

English is a survival skill and English Language Learners are eager to acquire it.

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