Protecting endangered ocean animals

By: Claire, Ethan, Olivia, and Amanda

Our Question

How can we protect endangered ocean animals?

Our conjectures

We think that we should stop littering, polluting, oil drilling, and hunting in our ocean.

Our Resources

Websites: Bing, and KIdrex

Books: Endangered Ocean Animals, The Environment, and Destroying the Ocean

Claire's Facts

  • In the past hunters thought seals were harmful
  • A law was made to protect seals
  • Sharks could survive for along time if people left them alone
  • If we use sharks for food there number will decrease
  • Some scientist think it might be to late to save them
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Olivia's facts

  • Ocean animals can eat plastic and choke on it and die
  • Once plastic gets in the ocean, animals can step on it and get hurt by it
  • Plastic can flood the ocean and ruin ocean animals habitats
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Amanda's facts

  • Sea turtles are endangered because people throw waste in oceans.
  • Turtles get stuck in fishing lines when people leave it on beaches.
  • Some factory's dump a lot of waste in oceans.
  • If you let go of a balloon when it pops it will land in the ocean and can hurt a lot of animals by making them sick.
  • If you leave lights on near a beach turtles hachlings will mistake the light for the moon and head inland
  • If you use chemicals they will get in the oceans and make sea animals sick.
  • If you find a baby turtle on a beach pick it up and put it in the ocean water.

Ethans facts

  • Animals like Dolphins, Turtles, Seabirds ,And Plankton are hurt by the oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • You can see pictures on the internet it is sad that people just take pictures and don't help
  • This is what happens to the ocean when a oil spill happens when a oil spill happens
  • Help places like aquariums that help water animals and there water p.s. make donations to aquariums
  • Oil spills can make all ocean animals sick in one breath or kill them
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Oil Spills in the Ocean and Oil Pollution
Thank you for listening!
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