Dial's Dialogue

My Events of the Day

Morning Meetings & Afternoon Site Visits

This morning, I will be in tech meetings at the intermediate campus. I will have my email up and will try to answer any questions as soon as possible. Any requests that requires problem solving will probably be put on hold until tomorrow.

This Afternoon, some of the tech team will be making visits to Decatur and Bridgeport to view and evaluate programs and tools that we are looking into for possible use next year.

iPad Collection

I will begin the iPad collection starting next week. I have not heard from any teacher who will be using the iPad during their exam. Email me if I have assumed incorrectly.

Students will need to bring their chargers to school with them when they come back next week. I will have a check off list for them to go through as I will be assessing any damage to iPads or iPad chargers.

As of now, I plan on collecting them during the time that students are testing. My room will be in use for testing so I will be mobile during this time.

More Info will come!