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2019-2020 School Year

March-May 2020 (Stress Relief and Teaching & Learning Support During the Pandemic)

February 2020 (Daily Mindful Routine, GoNoodle, Mindful Choices & More)

January 2020 (30 Days of Yoga, Spring Mindfulness PDs. & More)

December 2019 (Liberate Mindfulness App, Mindful Coloring & More)

November 2019 (Mindful Drawing, Stop Breathe Think Educator Resources & More)

October 2019 (Gratitude Journaling, Mindfulness Attention Awareness Scale & More)

September 2019 (Headspace for Educators, Videos for Colleagues & Students & More)

August 2019 (Starting Mindfulness from Day 1, Resources for Families & More)

2018-2019 School Year

Summer 2019 (Summer Mindfulness for Adults, Youth & More)

May 2019 (Breathe for Change Scholarships, Mindful Coaching & More)

April 2019 (AISD Staff Mindfulness Retreat, Mindfulness for Testing & More)

March 2019 (Free Yoga Classes on Campus, Test Taking Tips & More)

February 2019 (Yoga N Da Hood, Insight Timer, S.T.O.P. & More)

January 2019 (Compilation of Staff Resources, Mindfulness For The People & More)

December 2018 (Yoga w/ Adrienne, In A Racially Unjust World What Good is Mindfulness & More)

November 2018 (50% off at Meditation Bar, New Mindful AISD Videos & More)

October 2018 (Stop Breathe Think Free Educator Subscription, Free Online Mindfulness & More)

September 2018 (Research, Mindful Music & More)

August 2018 (Starting Mindfulness on Day 1 & Resources)

2017-2018 School Year

Summer 2018 (Summer Reading List, Self-Care Toolkit, End of Year Survey)

May 2018 (Grounding Techniques, Coaches & Athletes, Start Day w/ Stretching)

April 2018 (Mindfulness Retreat, Test Anxiety Tips, Mindfulness in BLEND)

March 2018 (SEL overview of mindfulness)

February 2018 (Inner Explorer Grant, Tips for Sustained Mindfulness in Class)

January 2018 (Videos, Mindfulness Room Starter Kit, Types of Awareness)

December 2017 (Videos, Research Supporting Mindfulness, Picture Books)

November 2017 (Free Retreats, Class Dojo, Teens, Mindful AISD in the News)

October 2017 (Videos, Meditation Bar Gift, Mindfulness Challenge)

September 2017 (Mindfulness Videos)

August 2017 (Starting mindfulness from Day 1)

2016-2017 School Year

Week of May 29 (Summer Reading & Summer Mindfulness)

Week of May 22 (Mindfulness Survey & How Mindfulness Can Help Us Be Less Biased)

Week of May 15 (Donors Choose Project for Mindfulness Trail & 3rd Graders Share About Mindfulness)

Week of May 8 (Calm Before Testing Resources & Just Breathe teacher painting)

Week of May 1 (Teacher Appreciation Deals & Self-Compassion exercises from Dr. Neff)

Week of April 24 (Teacher Self-Care Stations & Rewiring the Brain TED Talk)

Week of April 17 (MindYeti Update & Mindfulness in Middle School PE)

Week of April 10 (8 Principles of Teaching Mindfulness to Teens & Rainbow Walk)

Week of April 3 (Teachers Getting Mindfulness Training & One Minute Practice CE Video)

Week of March 27 (Calm Before Testing Resources)

Week of March 20 (April Mindfulness Challenge & Mindfulness Online Course)

Week of March 6 (Free Mindfulness Program--Smiling Mind & Multilingual Mindfulness)

Week of February 27 (Teacher Testimonial & 7 Tips for those who say they can't meditate)

Week of February 20 (Multilingual Mindfulness & Zen Den YouTube Videos)

Week of February 13 (Mindful Brain Poster & CE credit video w/ Jon Kabat-Zinn)

Week of February 6 (GoNoodle Mindfulness Document & Mindfulness Research Newsletter)

Week of January 30 (Rodriguez ES Mindfulness Studio & Mindful Coloring pages)

Week of January 23 (3 Simple Remedies for Stressed-Out Mind & Kindfulness article)

Week of January 17 (Science of mindfulness & Breathing Sticks activity)

Week of January 9 (SEL in Austin Family Magazine & Link to De-Escalation Strategies Poster)

Week of January 3 (List of mindfulness sites & mindfulness is good for teachers article)

Week of December 12 (List of mindfulness apps & Mindfulness Challenge recap)

Week of December 5 (Scientifically proven song for relaxation & Mindfulness Tour recap)

Week of November 28 (#mindfulAISD YouTube Playlist link)

Week of November 14 (GIFs for deep breathing & Breathing script for HS--Palm the Present Moment by Donald Altman from "The Mindfulness Toolbox")

Week of November 7 (AISD e-Wellness spotlight)

Week of October 31 (Mindfulness Challenge update)

Week of October 24 (Progressive Muscle Relaxation script)

Week of October 17 ("Just Breathe" mindfulness video)

Week of October 10 (Stop Breathe Think App/Site & Curious Not Furious article)

Week of October 3 (Pokemon poses & Mindfulness and the Brain article)

Week of September 26 (Replacing Detention w/ Meditation article & Guided Breathing tracks in Spanish & English)

Week of September 19 (Teacher Self-Care & Connecting Mindfulness w/ SEL: Mind Yeti)

Week of September 12 (KEYE News feature & Helping Teens Destress)

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James Butler

SEL Mindfulness Specialist