Pitching a Tent

Pitch a tent when you are camping

Step 1) Materials

First you will need to collect some materials to pitch the tent. You need, a rake and or shovel, a mallet, 4 stakes (8 if you intend to have a rain cover), some tarp, a tent, a rain cover (if you like) and lastly 4 tent poles

Step 2) pitching the tent

To pitch a tent you will need to follow these steps. Step 1) using the rake/shovel clear an area of rocks and leaves, this is where the tent will be. Step 2) take the corners of the tarp (you may need help for this one) and spread it across the decided area. Step 3) take the looped corners of the tent you may need help with this one too) and spread it over the tarp. Step 4) using the mallet and stakes, put a stake in a loop at the corner of the tent and stake it in the ground. Step 5) put the 4 tent poles into the slips and if there is a clip on the side, then clip them. if there is not make sure they are steady in the ground. Step 6) If you intend to use a rain cover then take the rain cover and cover the tent with it and stake it into the ground using its` loops.

Some satisfied campers:

Guaranteed to be a tent and not some blob of cloth and sticks like when people think they can do it without doing it properly.

Frequently asked questions

In conclusion these instructions can make a tent that works and can be used in multiple ways.