The Hantavirus

By Drake Woody


The Deer mouse, the White-footed mouse, and the cotton rat all carry the disease. if you touch that rodent or anything that it touches then you mostly get the disease.

Where is the Virus Found?

It is found in the Americas, Canada, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Panama, Paraguay, And uruguay


3 out of 8 people get this virus. in extreme cases you have to go to the hospital and get a procedure called Extracorporal Membrane Oxygenation (EMC).

What are the symptoms?

You get a fever, your body chills, you have aches, you vomit, you get watery diarrhea, abdominal pain, a cough that shortens your breath, low blood pressure, your organs begin to fail, and your lungs fill up with fluid and you suffocate.

What is the cause?

Person to person transmission, and the mouse/rat contact, and when the mouse/rat gets into foods then you eat that foot not knowing that there was a mouse or rat in it you can get the virus

How is the disease prevented?

no more outside food buffet, lots and lots of supportive therapy, lots of traps

What are some tests?

Blood tests are the only test right now that work

What are some of the other types of Hantaviruses?

1. the Hantaan virus, 2. the Seoulvirus, 3. the Puumalavirus, 4. the Prospect Hill virus, 5. and the Sin Nombre virus

The location of the other types of Hantavirus

1. Asia, 2. Worldwide, 3. Northern Europe, 4. United States, 5. North America

History of the Hantavirus

it belongs to the Bunyvirus family and there are 4 genre to the family. Phlebovirus, Nariovirus, Topsovirus, and the Hantavirus. there have been a recorded case of 10 outbreaks in the United States. 1 in Pennsylvania, 1 in West Virginia, and 8 in California.

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