By Jasmine Lara

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*Goalkeeper/protects the goal

*Defender/defends the goal

*Midfielders/help the defenders and forwards and can score too

*Forwards/make goals

*No hands unless goalie

* 11 positions

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*Soccer ball

*Shin guards (with long socks)

*Soccer cleats

*Uniform (shorts)

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Fun Facts

*Soccer is also known as football

*Highest score ever made in a soccer game was up to 149 goals

*In 2013, soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo opened a museum deticated to himself

*The first soccer game televised was in 1937

Legendary Football Skills & Tricks ft. Ronaldinho ● Zidane ● C.Ronaldo ● Messi ● Neymar


*Corner kick & goal kick/ when the ball crosses the goal line

*When referee holds up one straight arm, it's a direct kick, which is a kick directly into the goal

*If the referee doesnt hold up anything, it is indirect, which means it has to be touched by another player before it goes in the goal

*Penalty kick is when someone touches the ball with their hand/arm or when it's a control-foul

* A foul is when a player kicks, trips, jumps, charges, pushes, or spits at another player