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Technology in the classroom

iPad Management Plan

So you have your behavior plan for your classroom but did you remember your iPad Management plan? You need to post expectations for ipad use in your classroom so students know when, how, and why to use iPads for learning. Creating an iPad management plan is essential for successful integration of technology within your content. Use the tips in this newsletter to help you create a plan you and your students can successfully manage.



Do you know how to back up your work on the iPad? Can you print work or access presentations on a PC or MAC in the Learning Commons? These are both skills teachers and students need to know for completing and sharing work. Be sure your WebDAV app is set up AND you know how to help students with their WebDAV configurations. Ms. Kohout or Ms. Dent can assist teachers and students in WebDav setup. Step-by-step directions are posted in each house and the Learning Commons for those self-directed learners. Setup WebDAV TODAY!

Using WebDAV on the iPad

Need Help?

Please contact your TIS, Amy Dent, for assistance with technology in your classroom.