VCR Lesson 6

Chris Song- Up and Down

Fill in the Blank

Writing through the eyes of a young cancer patient, John Green describes with _________ the emotions, feelings, and thoughts of a teenage girl in The Fault in Our Stars.
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And the word is...

A thing of quality that appears true or real

veritas, veritatis - truth
similis - of the same kind

Nota Bene

Verisimilitude is often a characteristic in fiction writing because the author has to either convince the reader that the events in the story can actually happen, that people can exist with certain emotions and thoughts, or, in the case of science fiction, convince the reader that the events in the story are probable in that setting.

Also verisimilitude appears in philosophy as the ability to decide what ideas or assertions are true and false.



In short, appearing authentic (when it really is not)


-Paradox (appears false at first glance)

Nota Bene

Verity vs. Verisimilitude

Something with verity is actually true or accurate, while verisimilitude appears to be true or accurate, when it really is not.
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Which Sentence Uses Verisimilitude Incorrectly?

A. Jay Gatsby had great verisimilitude, appearing to many as a wealthy millionaire with money inherited from his family, when in fact he was born poor and earned money by bootlegging.
B. Heath Ledger played his role as the Joker with such verisimilitude that it won him an Academy Award, and even went so far as to live in a hotel room for a month to create his personality.
C. In her autobiography, the famous author wrote with such verisimilitude about her abuse as a child that her devoted readers began to lobby to make child abuse a federal crime.
D. Due to the verisimilitude of his shock pen, Albert pranked many of his students by giving them the pen when they asked to borrow a writing utensil.