Types of mining and fracking

James Pang, Jong Lee


Fracking is when we drill down into the ground and put liquid with high pressure. We do this to make shale rocks break and release natural gases. Around 400 tanker trucks are need for a gas well. Takes around 1-8 million gallons water to complete this process. Water is then mixed with sand other specific chemicals in order to make fracturing liquid. approximately 40,000 gallons are used per fracking session 600 chemicals are used for fracking. The fluid reaches shale rock and breaks the rock making natural gases which 'flow into the well. Methane and toxic contaminate public water usage which can cause respiratory problems.
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Subsurface mining

Subsurface mining is when we dig tunnels/shafts in order to reach ores/minerals.

Some harmful effects to subsurface mining are:

Acid drainage

Hazard air

Slope mining is a method that gets coal and other minerals by digging downwards.

Drift mining is a method used when a mineral is on a side of a hill

Shaft mining is a method that is virtical