Mrs. Baker's Class Newsletter


What is going on?

Math: This week we will review 3-D shapes, 2-D shapes, and area with some fun projects and choice boards! If you have any small containers (ie. juice boxes, raisin boxes, empty tp rolls, empty kleenex boxes, or anything that would represent a 3-D shape, please send to school on Monday. Thanks!

Reading: We will learn how prefixes and suffixes change the meaning of words.

Writing: This week we will focus on the second type of fiction story: Imaginative. These stories tend to be the favorite of most students and we get some crazy ideas coming out on paper! The focus will still be to include all the important and necessary aspects of a fiction story: well developed characters, descriptive settings, and problem that is then solved after several tries that don’t work.

Social Studies: Our focus this week is on learning how public officials are selected, including election and appointment to office. We will have a class vote with ballots, and will discuss where we are in the process of our upcoming presidential elections.

Sight Words: We are learning the following words this week: black, ear, green, live, pick, such, ready, where

Please continue to work with your child to read, write, and spell these words with consistency.


Feb. 22nd Six Flags Reading Logs Due (whole class goal)

Feb. 26th Book Orders Due

We needed a new system/ refresh for behavior. Our little monkeys were monkeying around too much. I have started Class Dojo. It even shows a cool graph of " positive "and" needs work " behaviors during the school day. Please check in daily or a few times a week. I appreciate your support!

Six Flags Reading Logs- Due Feb. 22nd

These kids are going to Six Flags! They have their logs turned in: Woot Woot! Way to rock it!












Have a good weekend! Reading logs are due on Monday!