The Gospel of Matthew

Jewish Christian

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Introduction to Matthew

Author: Matthew is most likely a Jewish Christian. The Gospel is traditionally attributed to the Apostle Matthew.

Date of Writing: The Gospel of Matthew was approximately written and documented in AD 85.

Christology: Matthew depicts Jesus as the New Moses and Teacher of the New Law.

Animal Depiction: Matthew is seen as human or angel. Matthew is depicted as a man, which symbolizes the genealogy of Jesus' human origin with which the Gospel begins.

Theme: The theme is bringing a New Covenant, Jesus, to fulfill the Old Covenant.

Source: In Matthew's writing it uses the sources of Mark's Gospel, Q, and the M source which is Matthew's own independent source.


Matthew's audience primarily comes from a mix of Jewish Christians, with a bit of Gentiles. The audience of Matthew's is endangered to fall away from the Church and into Judaism. Through Matthew's Gospel the audience is encouraged not to falling away from the Church.

Who is Jesus to Matthew?

In Matthew's Gospel Jesus is seen as the New Moses and Teacher of the New Law. Jesus is compared to Moses in many situations. Moses went up a mountain to receive the Ten Commandments, similarly Jesus went up a mountain and received the Beatitudes.
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Matthew's Uniqueness

A few things that are unique to Matthew's Gospel is its discipleship, the passion, and different language. In all the other Gospels discipleship is quite clear, however in the Gospel of Matthew discipleship is not specific.

In the Passion, Matthew is the only one who states that Judas returns the money and then takes his own life. Also in Matthew's Passion he has guards guarding Jesus' tomb, to clear the disciples' name that they did not takes Jesus' body out of the tomb.

In Matthew's Gospel Jesus states this, "His blood be one us and on our children." This quote affected society and is still questioned today. However in reality this quote is used to show the conflicts of the Church, not to used against the Jewish community.

Model Disciple

There is no model disciple found in Matthew, but it should not stop us from living in discipleship.

Extra Facts!

The Gospel of Matthew references the Old Testaments over a 100 times.

Matthew's Gospel is know as the Church's Gospel.

This Gospel comes first because it has the most Jewish writing.

Is the only Gospel that Jesus goes to Egypt.

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." (Matt 11:28)


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