Tremendous Technology

Peavy Primary School Media Center

Discovery Education

We are using Discovery Education for all of our video needs to support the curriculum at Peavy Primary School. Teachers can use videos from Reading Rainbow, Kenny the Shark, Maya and Miguel, Ready Set Learn, The Math Monsters, Sid the Science Kid, Astroblast, and many more to supplement lessons.

Maker Space

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Peavy Primary's Maker Space is housed in the Peavy Media Center and is open to all Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade classes. Classes attend for 45 minutes and explore engineering, art, coding and robotics.
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Bit is a tiny robot that can be as fun or as challenging as a kid makes it. At Peavy, we use color coding with markers to make Ozobot Bit work. Students have the opportunity to draw colored lines and dots for the Ozobot to follow.

Dash and Dot

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Dash is a real robot that students can code to dance, sing, sound like different animals, respond to voices and even navigate around objects. Dash operates with Blockly on the iPad. Students can code by adding "blocks" of commands for Dash, and then running the sequence. Dash is fun for any age!

Dot is Dash's robot friend. Dot does not move like Dash, but she can play several games. Dot uses the apps, Wonder and Blockly on the iPads to operate. Dot also tells great jokes!

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Tumblebooks is an online e-book library, full of audible, and animated fiction and non-fiction books. Peavy Primary has a subscription that students can use in the classroom and at home. Tumblebooks has just launched a new free app for the iPad, expanding it's use in the classroom and beyond! Students may use the free app on any device at home or access it on their computers.