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Chromebook Usage Tips and Tricks


Since many new teachers have recently received Chromebooks to use in their classrooms, it's always a good idea to make sure you're aware of the easy fixes for troubleshooting. Students are using these numerous times throughout the day and are increasingly familiar with them. So, even though they shouldn't, they sometimes change some settings or are unable to view certain items. Below are a few errors that I have come across this year so you can repair them quickly such as I did!

The Ginormous Cursor

This is one that, personally, would drive me crazy! A student has changed the cursor to an abnormally large size. Most often, they do this because it's fun and different than what they're used to. But, this setting isn't for everyone. In order to change this, navigate to the lower right hand corner and left click it. You should see an option for "Accessibility." There, you can uncheck the "Show large mouse cursor" option and the cursor will return to normal size.

High Contrast Mode

When the Chromebook is in "High Contrast Mode," it means the majority of the screen will show as black and the text will be a white or lighter color. Sometimes students use this because it is easier for them to see. But, again, it isn't for everyone! If you'd like to change this option, navigate again to the lower right hand corner and click Settings or Accessibility. (the same screen to change the mouse cursor). You will then see that "High Contrast Mode" is checked and you can uncheck it to return to normal viewing.

Help! The Screen is Upside Down!

This is one of the more "advanced" tricks that can be used. If a student wants to play a joke on their friend, an easy way is to rotate their Chromebook screen. This is an easy keyboard shortcut fix. But, you must be signed in for this to work. To remedy this, in combination, click "ctrl + shift + (chromebook refresh button)." Then, rotate it until it is in a normal position and continue use.

Missing Taskbars at the Bottom and the Top

If you notice a Chromebook has gone full screen, there are two ways to fix this. The first way is to simply select the "Chromebook Full screen Button." That is found in the top row, directly next to the "Refresh Page" button. Another instance is when a student is working in Google Docs, they can simply hit the escape key to return to full viewing.

An Important Piece of Information!

In all of this, I ask you to please remember to contact your teacher librarian if it is a major issue, or one that can't be resolved with a "quick fix." If you are unsure what the problem is or are uncomfortable with any of this, your handy Tech Integrationist can take look at it and see if it is a "quick fix" or if we need to send a work order in through the library!

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