Kinder Corner

What's New with Miller Kindergarten! Week 9

HELP!!!! We are in desperate need of Pony Point Store Donations!

Your child loves shopping at the Pony Point Store, which is a well-deserved reward for positive behavior. We had a shopping session this morning and noticed that we are running low on treasure box trinkets. In order to make Pony Point Store a success for your child, please consider donating small toys and trinkets for them to "buy" with their Pony Points. Some examples include small yo-yo's, fun erasers, pens, necklaces, rings, cars, etc. Thank you for being so supportive!

Miller Fall Festival Tonight! 5:30-7:30 PM

Due to the rain forecasted, the Fall Festival has been moved indoors but is still ON!

November 3rd is the 50th day of school, and we are celebrating!

November 3rd marks the 50th day of school, and we are excited to mark the halfway point to 100. We will be doing 50-themed activities all day, and we ask that you dress your child in 1950's attire. Some simple ideas include a white t-shirt with rolled-up sleeves and jeans for boys, cuffed jeans and a scarf-wrapped ponytail or headband for girls. Thank you for helping us make an impression with the number 50.

Readers will be coming home next week

Please look for your child's reader in the back of their folder on Monday. We will keep them in a gallon-sized ziploc bag attached to the folder along with suggested activities. Please leave the bag in the folder, because we will use them every week. Please practice reading the book each day, and return it to school on Thursday. There will be an incentive for your child if the book is returned on time each week...they will have the chance to earn ice cream from Braum's each month!

Please help your child learn his/her library number

Mrs. Smith has a special request - please help your child learn his/her library number. This number is in fact your child's Plano ISD student ID number, which will be used every year until they graduate from high school. It slows down the library checkout process when they do not know it and keeps your child away from fun activities in the library. Thank you for your help with this.

Curriculum Corner

Language Arts:

-Week 3 Unit 3 Friends

-Review Ss and Pp

-review HFW "a" and "like"

-_in word family


Social Studies:

Continue discussing jobs


-Comparing numbers


Science (over 2 weeks):

-Magnets continued

-Designing a bridge design and then building it.