Nice Room Available in Jan/Feb 2016


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The Scoop

One of our roommates will be moving out at the end of December 2015 OR January 2016, so one room will be available January 1, 2016 or February 1, 2016, whatever's convenient for you. CHOOSE WHEN YOU'D LIKE TO MOVE IN - Either January OR February 2016!

Our home is a 3-bedroom upstairs apartment in a fourplex apartment building. The building has been well-maintained and well taken care of by current tenants. All utilities and appliances work well. A washing machine and dryer are available for your use.

Room is small and cozy with lots of natural light. It is unfurnished, except for a queen bed. You would be sharing a bathroom with one male and one female, both tidy and considerate.

How Much is Rent?

Rent is about $250/month, with utilities being separate and costing an additional $50-$80/month, depending on usage (this would include water, electric, gas and internet). So, the total monthly cost is typically around $300, give or take.

There is a $35 application fee for new tenants. A deposit ($465) plus first month's rent is REQUIRED UPON MOVE-IN. The property management company has also been known to charge a $100 administrative fee upon move-in. We do not have any control over these fees, unfortunately. You would sign onto a 6-month lease that lasts until June 30th, 2016. Preference will be given to those people who can fulfill the entire remainder of the lease. Each tenant signs a separate lease agreement with the property management company.

*Preference will be given to those people who can fulfill the entire lease.

Convenient Location

The apartment is located in a quiet neighborhood near Exit 6 off 1-15. This makes it easy to access the freeway, downtown St. George, shopping and Dixie State University.
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Act soon, before it's too late!

About Your Potential Future Roommates

Here's who currently lives here: one couple (male/female) in their early 20s and one female in her early 30s. We would like a roommate who is clean, quiet, responsible, mature and considerate of others. We all go to bed early and get up early, so we need a quiet roommate who can respect our various work schedules. We don't mind who you are, as long as you can pay the full rent and deposit ON TIME and earn our TRUST and RESPECT.

We’re not LDS, but we don't mind if you are. We are non drug users and occasional drinkers who prefer responsible mid-20s to mid-30s roommates with steady jobs, a respect for privacy and no drama, partying, illegal drugs, substance abuse or criminal activity. No excessive house guests, please. Occasional overnight guests will be permitted, as long as they are considerate, clean and quiet. Pets are not permitted, sorry.

We all enjoy reading, cooking, outdoor adventures and spending time with friends and family.

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