The Truth About The Oil Sands


The Backround

The oil sands generates 20 billion dollars into the Canadian economy and thousands od jobs but puts massive amount of green houses gasses into that air and yet they say that their operation is clean?

The Sickness Of It All

In the native village of fort Chipewyan cancer rate are up drastically because chemicals in the lake in witch they fish from (arsenic,mercury,PHA's) and it is believed to come from the plant because all of these chemicals come from the process of separating bitumen. these chemicals also cause major deformity's
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Behind The Black

Because of the toxins in the lake towns people are forced to stop fishing (and eating the fish) or it is very likely for them to get cancer from the toxic fish!

What Are We Doing About This?

A group of scientists led by David Schindler has proven that in the lake there are chemicals directly involved with the tar sands