Hostess: Katie Shea

Piggy Bounce

Wednesday, Oct. 28th, 6pm

New York University, New York, NY, United States (look for purple balloons for an entryway)

BYOTT (bring your own trough and trampoline)

Child care for piglets will be provided.

Party Schedule

6:00 PM- Please arrive promptly so that all pigs will be able to fly as soon as possible!

6:15 PM- Piggy stretching (we wouldn't want anyone to pull a hammy).

6:30 PM- Trampolines are brought into the NYU gymnasium for the ultimate level of bouncing.

6:35 PM- Let the bouncing begin!

7:00 PM- A dinner of pig pellets, vegetables, rare truffles, and fruit scraps is served in your trough.

7:30 PM- Bouncing is resumed, only mud is now spread over the trampolines.

7:45 PM- Mud slip 'n slide competition is held in Central Park for those who truly want to party like animals.

8:15 PM- Pigs clean up, then head off to the NYU art studio to create ceramic statues of themselves, which will be put in a time capsule on campus!

8:45 PM- Report back to the NYU gymnasium, where cake will be distributed along with goody-bags filled with mud and the ceramic statue of themselves!

9:00 PM- All piggies are free to leave NYU.