Technology Matters

Spring has sprung! v1(3)

Welcome Back!

Happy 2016! We hope you had a wonderful break and are recharged for the spring! We can't wait to get started.

Spring brings sunshine...and new hires!

Don't forget to let KATE know of any new hires; this applies to faculty, staff, and students! Please let us know so that we can prepare for their arrival. And don't forget to fill out the Network Account Request Form found at or on the COEHS Intranet site. We can't wait to meet them!

The Collaboration Lab is fab!

Consider bring your classes down to the Collab Lab for a demo! We will offering demonstrations of this cooperative space during January. Contact Patti or Dwayne to schedule!

If you see something, say something!

Please contact us if you notice equipment malfunctions/issues in the classrooms. We give each room a check-up at the beginning of the semester, but we need your assistance identifying any problems that present themselves during the semester. For immediate needs, call Missy at 5360. If it can wait until the end of class, fill out a work order.

Need Adobe? New Software? Let us know!

Adobe has a new way of licensing that requires us to use an administrative account that gives permissions to you. If you need an Adobe product, please contact KATE to begin the process.

Need a lab? Want to use a laptop cart?

Please remember to use the Laptop/Lab Reservation form, located on the COEHS Intranet, to reserve a lab or laptop cart for your class.

Here is a list of what is available:

Alexander Hall, room 1003--this is a BYOD instructor station with 47 participant computers available.

Alexander Hall, room 1005--this lab has a desktop instructor station with 24 participant computers.

Alexander Hall laptop carts--we have two laptop carts with 30 laptops each.

Alexander Hall Chromebook cart--we have one cart with 30 Chromebooks.

Carr Health laptop cart--we have one laptop cart with 30 laptops available for use in Carr Health.

Have questions? Please give Missy a call at 5360.

Do you BYOD and want to use the Airliner or SmartBoard?

If you are teaching in one of the BYOD Classrooms and would like to use the SmartBoard or Airline, we need to see you! You will need to make an appointment with KATE to have the necessary software installed. If you would like to use the airliner, a bluetooth adapter will need to be checked out as well. Please submit a work order so that we can get you on your way!

Moving Equipment? Getting a new office?

Don't forget to let us know if you are changing offices or moving equipment. In accordance with the Murray State property procedures and the Acceptable Use Policy, the location of all technology equipment must be recorded and updated when changes take place. We appreciate your help and attention to this!