Croydon's History

Maroun and Emmanual

Who were the original inhabitants

It is the wangal people and they lived by moving around there land letting suplies regrow before going back. They hunted animals such as fish, kangaroo, koala and many more native animals. They made temporary homes which each fitted a famly. They believed in the dream time story and wore minimal clothing. They had ceremonies. Each tribe had there own language .
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Australian Aboriginal Fire Dance

The first setlers in Australia

The first setlers were the British from the first fleet.The colony was led by captain Arthur Philip. They moved into the area because they needed a place to put all the unwanted prisoners and for a SE base. They lived mainly on farms or in big grand houseswith lots of land
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Croydon's biggest events

Croydon has had many major events such as:

*Captain Athur Phillip arived in 1788

*Captain John Townson became the first resident of Croydon in 1793

*A group of Aboriginals burnt John Townson's house down

*CPS was the first school in Croydon

Croydon these days

Croydon is a modern suburb with school,shops and is mainly reidential and is a quite suberb because it has no big shopping centers or factories.

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