Bilingual/ESL/ Title III Updates

November 2021 Newsletter

Have You Completed All BOY Tasks? Are You Ready For MOY LPACs?

Is your BOY Checklist completed? If not, some things are better late than never (and some it may be too late and we will document). Here are some tasks on our BOY checklist we should have already marked off:
  • Initial LPACs for new and transfer students
  • Pending Reclassifications
  • Sent Parent Notification on Student Progress Forms
  • Filed Waivers and Exceptions
  • Presented Program Report to School Board (this is all schools with EBs)

We have one more MOY LPAC Training on 11/8 to help you get ready for STAAR/TELPAS Testing. Come join us here at ESC or through Zoom!

Allowable Use of Bilingual Education Allotment (BEA) Funds for Comprehensive Development Plan

When applying for a Bilingual Exception or ESL Waiver, Local Education Agencies are required to use a minimum of 10% of their BEA funds for PD to support teachers for whom the waiver or exception was filed. Click here for more information.

This to the administrator addressed (TAA) letter from June 2021 provides information on auditing BEA funds as well as compliance enforcement, particular to the 2021-2022 school year and subsequent school years. Keep in mind that BEA funds apply to both BE and ESL programs. NOTE: Under HB 3, the minimum spending requirement for BEA funds on provision of BE or ESL programs increased from 52% to 55%. If an LEA did not meet the spending requirements for the 2020-2021 school year because of these changes made to state funding, the LEA will be required to make up the difference in the 2021-2022 school year.

What is Content-Based Language Instruction?

CBLI is an integrated approach to language instruction in which language is developed within the context of content delivery that is culturally and linguistically responsive. Sheltered instruction is a similar term used to describe instruction that makes content comprehensible while supporting language development. However, CBLI emphasizes the targeted and intentional methods used to meet the affective, linguistic, and cognitive needs of emergent bilingual (EB) students through the medium of content in the students’ primary language and/or English.

Content-Based Language Instruction (CBLI) Quick Guide

Apply to join the Standards-Alignment Review Team for English and Spanish Phonics

Apply to join the Standards-Alignment Review Team for English and Spanish phonics

Please consider joining us—or nominating someone else to join us—to assist TEA in reviewing instructional materials to determine alignment to phonics-specific standards in the English and Spanish language arts and reading TEKS. This is important work and crucial to determining the overall quality of programs. Teachers, administrators, parents, business community members, and others with appropriate content knowledge are all welcome. Candidates must be:

  • available to work for at least three weeks in January 2021 (Monday–Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.);
  • proficient in navigating digital instructional materials; and
  • able to read and enter information on a computer screen for an extended period. When asked for your committee preference, please choose either English language arts, grades K–3 or Spanish language arts, grades K–3.

Parent and Family Engagement

Monthly Activities Calendar

Providing resources for parents is important in keeping families engaged and supporting their children at home.

The parents & Families section in provides relevant and accessible resources for parents and families of English learners to support the education of their children.

The following calendar is from DEMCO and not bilingual, but can be translated on your website or with an extension.

Share resources as a link through Remind, SeeSaw, email, or any other platform you use to communicate with parents. Make sure that you have a mail list just for parents of ELs in order to meet Title III requirements.

Share Parents and Families Newsletter link with your parents for access to resources and information that support parent involvement and student achievement!

Title III SSA Members Google Site Resources

Exclusive for Title III SSA Members. Parent articles available under the Articles tab. IF YOU ARE A TITLE III MEMBER AND NEED ACCESS, EMAIL LMUSQUIZ@ESC17.NET

Supporting English Learners in Texas

This web portal provides information and resources that are relevant, accessible, and impactful to support educational leaders, teachers, parents and families, and community partners to ensure the academic success of the State’s English learners.

TEKS Resource System: ESC 17

Support Resources and Activities Collection

Upcoming Workshops

Bilingual Contract


11/16 Session #841692

Additional Professional Development Opportunities

ELPS Resource Tools

The English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS), as required by 19 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 74, Subchapter A, §74.4, outline English language proficiency level descriptors and student expectations for English language learners (ELLs). School districts are required to implement ELPS as an integral part of each subject in the required curriculum.

Chapter 74. Curriculum Requirements

Click here for course options.

Online ESL Supplemental Certification

Missed training at ESC and need to challenge the exam for ESL 154 Supplemental? TEA has online training modules to help prepare for the exam. See below for more information.
New TEA TExES ESL Supplemental Certification Preparation Online Course
Region 17 Inclusion Support

Do you have a student in your classroom with specific needs? Join our INclusion Community to get additional strategies and support.