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This new resource provides answers to some common questions about Title III.

Where can a local education agency (LEA) access general information on the ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant Application?

The Grants Administration Division has provided a Grant Resources webpage to access recorded eGrant trainings, guidance handbooks for budgeting, and expenditure reports. For deadlines to amend your Title III, Part A program schedules (PS3106 and PS3114), please reference critical events under the current ESSA Consolidated Federal Grant Application searchable at TEA Grants Opportunities.

SY 20-21 Title III, Part A FAQ

Title III, Part A Frequently Asked Questions

Title III Allowable Use of Funds - Positions and Payroll for Assessment

Can Title III funds be used for extra duty pay for staff to assist with assessments to determine language proficiency of English learners?

Initial Assessment of Proficiency–Title III funds should NOT be used for the initial assessment used to help identify the student as English learners, as the initial oral language proficiency test which is required, under State policy (TAC Ch. 89.1225), for students with a language other than English indicated on the home language survey.

NOTE: The only time it is allowable to use Title III funds to pay for costs associated with the initial assessment to determine an English learner is when the student is attending a private nonprofit (PNP) school and the assessment is what was chosen (through consultation between the LEA and PNP school official) as a way to identify PNP students who are eligible for Title III services.

Annual Assessment of Proficiency–It is never allowable to use Title III funds for an annual assessment of the English learners’ language proficiency, as LEAs are required, under State policy to administer the Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS). While PNP schools are not required to administer the TELPAS, an annual assessment of English language proficiency is required for English learners under Title I, Part A, Section 1111(b)(2)(G) and Title III must be supplemental to Title I, Part A.

EL Side-by-Side Allowable Use of Funds

This document provides guidance on allowable vs. unallowable use of the Bilingual Education Allotment (state) and Title III, Part A (federal) funds.

MOY LPAC and Preparing for Assessments

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ALL Identified ELs in K-12 MUST Participate in TELPAS Administration

ALL identified ELs in K-12, must participate in TELPAS administration, knowing who on your campus is responsible for what is the best way to ensure you have a good testing administration. Attached is a suggested guide to help with TELPAS Roles and Responsibilities to help you get organized and ready for success for you and your students!

MOY LPAC is about making best assessment participation decisions for ELs participating in EOCs, TELPAS, and STAAR LPAC Decisions Educator Guide .


Le'ts Talk TELPAS! - ESC Training

Go to our TELPAS Smore for additional resources and information. Click here

Online LPAC Training is Now Available!!

All LPAC members are required to be trained ANNUALLY in order to participate in LPAC and you are required to have MOY LPAC for students in grades 2-12 and special assessments for students in K-1.

If you missed your training at the ESC, we are now happy to announce the Language Proficiency Assessment Committee (LPAC) Framework web-based courses and new site:

How to Navigate the LPAC Web-based Training Site video (43 seconds)

Parent Involvment

Activities Calendar

The following calendar is from DEMCO and not bilingual, but can be translated on your website or with an extension.
Title III SSA Members Google Site Resources

Exclusive for Title III SSA Members. Parent articles available under the Articles tab. IF YOU ARE A TITLE III MEMBER AND NEED ACCESS, EMAIL LMUSQUIZ@ESC17.NET

Supporting English Learners in Texas

This web portal provides information and resources that are relevant, accessible, and impactful to support educational leaders, teachers, parents and families, and community partners to ensure the academic success of the State’s English learners.

TEKS Resource System: ESC 17

Support Resources and Activities Collection

Upcoming Professional Development (PD) Trainings

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New TEA TExES ESL Supplemental Certification Preparation Online Course
Region 17 Inclusion Support

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