Panther Paws

Norfolk Jr. High

Nursery Rhyme

On a rainy night in Atlanta, Georgia around 6:00 PM Old Mother Hubbard went to her cupboard to get her dog a bone, but when she opened it there was no bone and she didn't have any money so her little dog had to starve. Then around 2:00 AM Mrs. Hubbard woke up to find that her dog was missing. She immediately called animal control and they started looking. They found out that a pet store had been robbed of all of its bones. Mrs. Hubbard awoke again at 8:34 AM and found her dog obese lying on the couch with a pile of bones and $1000 in cash. She then called the cops and they arrived and sent her dog off to the pound, but let her keep the money.


Eden: World Builder

On this app it is basically a world builder where you can build anything that you can think of building. If you don't feel like building a lot, you can go to the download button. It's in the bottom right hand corner and search for worlds. If you go completely insane, you can set things on fire, but then you have to rebuild everything. You have to go into the App Store and type in Eden: World Builder. It is $0.99 so you have to have an iTunes card to purchase it.

Feature Story:

Facts I Gather over the Topic

Directions: Put information into your OWN Words

1. Full Name- Kevin Wayne Durant

2. Birthdate- September 29, 1988 Washington D.C.

3. Plays for the NBA team Oklahoma City Thunder Profession Basketball Player

4. Height: 6’9” ft Weight 236 lbs

5. Education: University of Texas

6. Career Start 2007

7. Nicknames: The Durantula, KD, K-Dog, The Second Coming

8. African- American

9. Position Small Forward

10. Parents Wanda Pratt and Wayne Pratt

11. Ethnicity African American

12. Nationality United States of America

Favorite Movie/TV Show

Duck Dynasty

The series introduces the Robertson family

of West Monroe, Louisiana who own and

run Duck Commander duck calls. Duck

Commander was started back in 1972

when Phil Robertson made a revolutionary

duck call that changed duck hunting

forever. Now his son Willie Robertson is

the CEO of the company and it is a multi

millionaire company. The show stars Phil

and Kay Robertson, there three sons Willie,

Jase, and Jep along with their wives Missy,

Korie and Jessica Robertson. Phil's crazy

brother Si Robertson also stars in the show.

Jase is the designer of mostly all of the

duck calls Duck Commander while Uncle

Si makes the reeds for the duck calls.

He is also head of operations. Jep, and

employees Martin and Godwin help

assemble the duck calls. The show is aired

on A&E.

Trading Card Story

One crazy day in the Nebraska Stadium, Cornhusker King met Torchamp, a weird Pokemon thing, while watching a football game. Torchamp went to talk to him and challenged the Cornhusker King to a football game with the Cornhuskers. Cornhusker told his players, “The key to success is failure.” So the Huskers began their practice while Torchamp failed to do anything right in the game of football. He couldn't throw, he couldn't catch, and he could hardly run. The game started and the Huskers already had a score of 62 to 0. Torchamp failed to win the game and went, cry cry crying all the way back to PokeParadise. Torchamp drowned himself in the river and Jeff, the Cornhusker King’s friend, reanimated him and made him into turtle soup, and it tasted like chicken. The Cornhusker King rejoiced in his victory and continued his days watching the Husker Games and eating his corn. The End

School Debate


Better Education

More PE

Longer Basketball season

Get to see friends more

Better grades

Shorter school days


It would take away most of our free time

It would get boring

More homework

Have to deal with people I don't like longer

Repeating the same thing over again everyday


Want our rights


I am against year-round school because we would have less time swimming at the waterpark.

I am against school year-round because it would get boring because of listening to the teachers talk more.

I am against it also because of more homework.

I am against it because our summers would be shorter.

What is favorite shoe brand? Survey

1) Nike 32%

2) Jordan 32%

3) Adidas 20%

4) Osiris 8%

5) And 1 8%

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Some Funny Clips from Duck Dynasty!
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