Resource & Tech Accountability

SMCPS Issued Books, Consumables, & Technology


During the 4th marking period you should start locating all of your resources owned by SMCPS. All of your textbooks, novels, laptops and chargers need to be returned PRIOR to graduation. Please locate those items ahead of time so you are prepared. See your media center for specific information on days and times to return your resources.

School Laptops and Chargers

Students are held accountable for laptops all year, including summer.

Here are the guidelines care.

  1. Keep your laptop in a secure place. The laptop should not leave home or be taken on vacations.
  2. Please review the procedures in our Accountability Document for "Care of Laptops Offsite"
  3. If you need help with your device please submit a helpdesk ticket using these directions.
  4. All students are issued a school laptop.
  5. It is your responsibility for the care and upkeep of your device.
  6. Depending on the make/model, a school laptop costs 380.00 - 520.00.
  7. Laptop charger replacements cost 40.00.

If you break a laptop, there is a repair cost. Please take care of your device.

Acceptable Use Policy

Acceptable Use Policy: Families can now start completing the Acceptable Use Policy for SY 22-23. Links are below. Elementary is PreK-5; Secondary is 6-12.

My School Bucks - Available to Pay for Lost and Damaged Library Materials

New for 2022, families have the option to pay for lost or damaged resources in My School Bucks. A resource can include: library books, laptops, chargers, textbooks, consumables, etc.

When a media specialist marks anything as lost or damaged in Destiny, that fee AUTOMATICALLY shows up as a "real time fee" in My School Bucks.

Please refer to this information on My School Bucks and your school library.


Run Updates on Your Laptop

Textbooks and Novels

Students have textbooks checked out in their names in most grade levels and classes. Textbooks have barcodes starting with a TB and then up to 15 digits.

Those books need to return those textbooks and novels prior to the last day of school.

Any resource NOT returned prior to June 15th is mark as LOST. Anything LOST will incur a fine.

Fine notices will be emailed in July. If you have the resource you can return it to the school.

Textbooks MUST BE returned at the end of the school year.


A consumable is a resource that students have checked out to them that can be written in. Examples of consumables at the elementary level are Bridges Student book and Number Corner.

Examples of consumables at the middle school level are the science modules, Springboard and My Perspectives for ELA, and the Carnegie Math books. At the high school level students also have consumables in math and ELA courses.

While students do not have to return these, they are held accountable if they lose them and need a replacement.

Consumables do NOT get returned at the end of the school year.

Library Books

Make sure you return and/or renew your library books. Anything not returned will be marked as a LOST book and a fine notice will be emailed. Find those books or renew them to keep reading them. Questions on LIBRARY books? See your media specialist.

Students That Withdraw

Student Withdrawal

When students leave SMCPS, the following items must be returned prior to withdrawing.

  • All textbooks and resources

  • All technology (laptops, chargers, iPad/charger, hot spots)

  • All Media Center books and resources

  • If anything is not returned a fine will be assessed for the cost of the materials and technology.

  • The Media Specialist at each site has a record of what each student has checked out.

Students Transferring IN COUNTY

If you are a student who is transferring schools within the county, here are the procedures you need to follow:
  • Media Center Books: These stay at the school you are leaving. Those resources will be returned to the Media Center.
  • TEXTBOOKS and Consumables: These do not get returned and can be taken with you to your new school.
  • Laptops, chargers, hotspots, and iPads (all TECH): This stays with you.
  • Information on resource fines and accountability is located in the this document. Fines are assessed on items not returned to the school they belong to.

Accountability $

Students are held liable and accountable for checked out resources, (textbooks, consumables and technology). If anything is lost, stolen, or broken fines are assessed to the student's account.

Each consumable, textbook and media center book has its own price which can be found in Destiny OR by asking the media specialist.

Technology device repair and replacement costs can be found HERE. Click on "Pricing".

New for 2022: My School Bucks and your Media Center

Login to Destiny to find out what you owe the Media Center.

Login to Destiny to See Your Checked Out Materials

Print Directions on LOGGING in to DESTINY

To see what your student currently has checked out to them or any fines that have been assessed, the student can login to Destiny through Clever or via Direct Login.

Here are the steps for the direct login:

  1. Go to

  2. Click on the appropriate school

  3. Select the “Login” option from the top right of the page.

  4. Enter the correct login credentials. (Your login information is the same as your regular login credentials: Username: 3 initials and last 4 digits of student ID number
    (Example: abc1234). Password: regular network password)

  5. After logging in, click the “My Info” tab at the top and the student’s current checkout and fines (if applicable) will be displayed.

Questions? EMAIL