Mary Anning

By: Jynna Martinson

Mary Anning

Mary Anning was born in Lyme Regis, United Kingdom on May 21, 1799. Although, she didn't have an education outside of bible school she was a self-taught paleontologist. While growing up there were many events happening around her as the UK began to multiply in size and population. In the 1800s Britian and Ireland merged to become the Untited Kindgom which meant there population would increase in size.

Anning assisted in helping contribute to the evolutionary theory by her findings of many fossils. Her fossils helped scientist with learning about species over time. She was a woman living in a man's England at that time, but she didn't let that stop her.

Anning didn't have much of a close and wealthy family life. Her parents were Richard and Mary (Molly) Anning who were also fossil hunters as well as herself. She also had 9 other siblings but 8 of them died due to small pox and measles. Her family lived in poverty and anonymity, but the community tried to help them in any way possible.

As she grew older she stayed in Lyme Regis and that is where she died of breast cancer on March 9, 1847. During her lifetime she escaped death during a lightning storm and she was well known throughout her neighborhood.

She was never married but she was happy with her accomplishments in her life. Due to her findings and contributions the science she received two honors over her life. She was named by the royal society as "the third most influential female scientist in British history."

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