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First of all, the farmers plant cotton seeds in furrows. (Meaning rows.)

Then, after a few weeks the cotton seeds start to sprout.

Later, the cotton seeds grow flowers and are pollinated.


Next, the cotton flower grows into a one metre bush.

After that, cotton balls appear, split and reveal white cotton.

Finally, the cotton is harvested, packed into round bales and is shipped overseas.

Where Cottons Grown

Cotton is mostly grown in:

  • Queensland

  • Darling Downs

  • St George

  • Dirranbandi

  • Mactyre Valley Region

  • Emerald

  • Theodore

  • Biloela

  • Victoria

  • Melboure

  • NSW

  • Sydney

  • Canberra
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The problem with cotton is:

  • Uses too much water.
  • Land Reclimation-Change of vegitation: Habitat destruction.

Interesting Facts

  • The only plant that needs more water than any other.
  • Cotton seeds were brought and planted by the First Fleet.
  • Cotton keeps the body cool in summer and warm in winter because it is a good conductor of heat.
  • There are 43 species of cotton in the world and some cotton grows on trees