Sizzling Sisters ~ March Newsletter much is happening...

February Sales

Team Sales - $2,952.00 - we were still getting out of this cold funk! Luckily for me...Thirty-One put a freeze on Director demotions for the month of I get to keep my title and as long as our team meets March goals - you will still have me as your fearless leader ;). And I'm not worried at all - we've totally got this in the bag for March!

Nikki SIzler - $1809.00
Danielle Novario - $542.00

Stephanie Lozinski - $204.00

More conference Info!

Conference Bucks Program Fast Facts:

  1. Program runs from January 1, 2014 through April 30, 2014.
  2. Get all the latest information about Conference

Program Details:

Star Level Earned:Reward:

2-Star Level$50 off registration

4-Star Level$100 off registration

8-Star Level$200 off registration PLUS the 8-Star Kit*!

12-Star Level$200 off registration PLUS the 8-Star Kit*, 12-Star Kit*, and Super Day registration

*Kit will be shipped after Conference. Consultant must attend Conference to receive Kit. Kit subject to change based on availability.

We have a few girls from Sizzling Sisters who have earned stars - let's see if you are one of them!

Nikki Sizler - 6 stars

Sheri Glaze - 3 stars

Maranda Tabler - 2 stars

Alexis Conto - 2 stars

Danielle Novario - 2 stars

Jessica Chapmon - 1 star

Jennifer Puffer - 1 star

It is not too late, ladies. I want that kit and I want to earn conference for free. I am going to do it - hope you do too! I know that as of right now, Myself, Jessica Chapmon and Lindsay Laufik plan on attending conference. We have a hotel room and it is attached to the convention center. We will be able to accommodate one more roommate - so please let me know if you'd like to join us. I hope that many of you get to come to conference - it will be my first time but I am reallllllllllllllly excited.

Recent winners from incentives and challenges!

Keep your eyes peeled, ladies - gifts will be coming in the mail this week. Our booking blitz winner was Jessica Chapmon - she ribbitt'ed herself into a new frog Icon Purse for booking spring parties. Also, for those of you who returned your informaiton sheets from the packet I sent you after the holidays, thank you! Please, please, please send it back to me, it's not too late. The winner of the early return drawing was Danielle Novario - office goodies coming your way soon. The February Incentive was a bust since we didn't make our team goals - but I have a SUPER CUTE zipper pouch in navy wave with Party Girl embroidered on it - just sitting in my room waiting for this month's top partier. Get those parties booked ladies! Also, a current catalog item embroidered will go to Top in Sales and Top in Recruits.

Don't forget about the April Celebrate and Connect Meetings.

You have until March 13th to register for the April C&C meeting. I do not know if there is space left for the meeting I am hosting at my house, but if there is - I would love to see you here. (No pets, just I am hosting the meeting on Thursday April 3rd at 6:45 - 8:45pm. Please contact me if it says it is full when you try to register and you want to attend mine - I"m happy to see if I can adjust it. This will be a summer product premiere - I can't wait to see what Thirty-One has in store for us with this new catalog change.