The Battle Of Gettysburg

By Sayler McBean

Book vs Battle

In the book Killer Angels and the Battle paragraph, both explain the same battle with different methods. All of the evidence in the book and the paragraphs relate with differences and similarities. Both stories were based on confederate perspectives and tell detailed facts of the four day Battle Of Gettysburg. Although the book had more sole and story, they both tell the importants of the battle.

Which is more detailed?

The book Killer Angels explains not only the war, but the lives and troubles of the people in it. Compared to the website the book is more detailed, and a great story. Between the historical facts it gives a heartfelt story from the soldiers point of view told from the perspective of a protagonist. The book also explains the life before and after the battle unlike the website does. It gives information about the people and families included in the war when the war was occuring, before, and after it.

The Battle In Action

Book and Battle Differences

Both the book and the website share many similarities, but over all are very different. The book is an actual story, while the website is just stating facts of the war. Not only does the website just state facts, but it doesn't tell the stories of the soldiers or the passion of why they fought. The book gives background, how the war started and how it ended while giving all information in between.