Natalie's Notes

Natalie Cox Gem Fatales Team

February 23rd 2014

Hello Team!!! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I am SO excited about the upcoming Spring Season. I am ready for flip flops and windows rolled down kind of weather - how about you?!? The cold weather always seems to get me into a funk. I am eager for the week (despite the fact that we could have some cool weather later this week) because I have set some new goals and I can't wait to tackle them. Monday goal, get to the gym. As for my Stella goal, I would like to add at least 2 more shows to my calendar - that will put me at 7. What's your goal? Your goal doesn't have to look like mine, it should work with your life, your hopes, and your happiness. However, I do encourage you to set a goal, and one that's a little bigger than what your thinking now. Let's compare it to weight loss. If I wanted to lose a little bit of weight, would I just say… oh 5 pounds will do? No, because it's likely that I might only reach 3 pounds. So, it's better that I go for say 15 pounds, then I will put in a little extra effort and be excited, and proud of myself, if I only lose 10 pounds rather than the "big" goal of 15.

All in all, choose a "bigger goal" than you typically do, and go after it, make yourself proud! You can do it, you just have to believe in yourself and take action to achieve what you want.

15 Days left of JUMPSTART

Let's talk about how you can reach some of those last minute jumpstart goals!!! There is plenty of time to call a few friends, family, past hostesses, customers, etc. and offer them a last minute trunk show. March is an incredible month for sells… It is important to take action so that you can achieve those sales. So let's walk thru 3 simple steps that, when taken, will lead to booking trunk shows success.

#1. Book as many trunk shows that your calendar will allow. All of our calendars look different. Open up your calendar and choose a few dates or a date that you have available. Highlight and tell yourself, I will book a trunk show for this date.

- Look at your who do you know list, who can you book with… past hostesses, past customers, friends, family, kids friends, neighbors, coworkers, church friends, hair salons, pop-up shops, car dealerships, real estate office, people that you meet out and about, etc.

#2. Use those trunk shows that you booked to maximize your business. Here is how you are achieveing that.

- It's an immediate income (your blue card)

-book trunk shows from trunk shows

-sponsoring (use the trunk show experience to share this incredible opportunity)

#3. Follow Up

-One of the keys to booking trunk shows when you aren't booking at trunk shows is follow up. A week after the show, pick up the phone, call each guest, thank them for coming and shopping with you, ask them about their jewels and then offer the hostess opportunity.

If you are booking from scratch (don't have any shows on the calendar), Its incredibly important to warm-up your potential hostesses via e-mail and then to follow up via phone call. Remember, for every 10 people that you ask, expect 1 yes.

15 days left of your jumpstart and those previews that we have gotten from the summer collection are amazing - your going to want that product credit AND the spring line is so amazing that everyone needs to see it.

The Heart & Soul of Our Business

The trunk show is the heart and soul of our business and one of the very first things that led me to Stella & Dot. Before I was a stylist, I very rarely had the opportunity to get out, socialize among friends, and meet new people. I was a busy mom of twin 2 year olds and I worked a full time job, I also serve on an advisory committee for my sorority. My plate was super full and between all of these things, I just didn't have time for me. I can still remember how fun my launch party was, and I can still remember that first group of ladies that I had a show with that I didn't even know. It was awesome - not the sells necessarily but the new relationships and people that I got to meet. Fast forward 2 years, I still LOVE the trunk show and all that it offers. I still have my yearly trunk show with my group of girlfriends and I get together with that then stranger group. But now, I call them friends, and friends is what we are. I love laughing with these people that I didn't know before and getting to know them even better. This business has allowed me to build relationships with women I never would have known before this opportunity, I am so thankful and grateful for my trunk show time, its the girls night out that 2 years ago, I so eagerly wanted to add to my life. And you team, are right there among those people that I have gotten to know and love. Thank you for following me and joining me on this Stella & Dot journey, I am thankful for you and I hope to lead you all to achieve your great success. I do believe that in life, we are suppose to be a light in the world. I hope to shine my light at trunk shows and team meetings, on our Facebook page, in the carpool line, at church, at a restaurant, everywhere I go, and with everyone I meet. Regardless of where you are in your business or your life, go out there, be the best you that you can be - Go Shine YOUR Light!!! Love you all!

Piece of the Week!

I can't choose one… I love these all - they are timeless, classy, and glam. I wear them casual or dressy - depends on my mood! =)

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