Weekly Update

January 19-23, 2015

Hello ladies!

FYI - I am out of town this week. So if you need anything, you can email me, but I'm at a conference in California, so will have minimal access to my email throughout the day.

Please me sure you read ALL of the weekly schedule. It tells you all you need to know about each day.

If you have friends who want to order a Blue "Bullpups" onesie, they can do so by the end of the month. Get their name, size and $35 from them and bring it to me.

If you're subbing for someone, please remember that when your games come up. And make sure I know about it.


From now on, your hair is to always be all up in a pony tail. We tried the half down, but had too many problems. It was fiddled with too much, and, even though it was stated, it was anything but off of your face.

Remember, wearing your uniform to school INCLUDES your shoes.

This Week's Schedule:

  • MONDAY - No school = no practice!

  • TUESDAY - Basketball at Mead: White squad cheers the early game with a 5 pm arrival; Blue squad cheers the late game with a 6:45 pm arrival - Morgan is your coach for both. This is an away game, so make sure you wear your warm-up jacket to school with jeans.

  • WEDNESDAY - Nothing

  • THURSDAY - Nothing

  • FRIDAY - Basketball at Prep: Blue Squad cheers the early game with a 5 pm arrival - I'm your coach; White Squad cheers the last game with a 6:45 pm arrival - Janet is your coach. This is a home game, so make sure you wear your uniform, with pants under your skirt, to school.

Mr. Prep

Mr. Prep is February 25th. The first meeting for any guys interested is going to be February 9th. We will discuss our role, the theme, your jobs, etc at the January 26 practice. If you're not at this practice, you'll be assigned something.

Start promoting it to Senior boys now. If the interest is like what it was last year, we won't do it. It's too much work for you guys for little to no payback.