Mount Vesuvius

Volcano Facts:

  • Elevation: 4,203’

  • Location: Province of Naples

  • Plates: African plate is being subducted beneath the Eurasian plate

  • Plate Boundary: Subduction Zone

  • Driving force: Water and Gravity

  • Volcano type: Stratovolcano

  • Causes of eruption: Immense force of piled up magma and gas

  • How it looks: Eruptions are very explosive and large

  • How often it erupts: Has experienced eight major eruptions in the last 17,000 years.

  • Signs before eruption: Signs may include very small earthquakes beneath the volcano, slight inflation, or swelling, of the volcano and increased emission of heat and gas from vents on the volcano

  • Most dangerous volcano type: The Cinder Cone Volcano is usually the most dangerous type of volcano because it tends to explode when it erupts.

  • Lava, ash, and heat are some of the many effects of volcanoes

  • To avoid being killed or affected by a volcanic eruption, it is best to just not live by a volcano. If you must live by a volcano, always have a Family Emergency Plan and make an emergency supply kit.

  • Diseases from volcanoes: When a volcano erupts, the ash and smoke in the air an infect your lungs and make you deathly sick.

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