Seven Days to Success Challenge



While this business is one you do on your own, it is so much better when you're working with others! Why? Because you can bounce ideas off one another, share successes and failures, even see how they style their jewelry! Today's challenge is all about connecting with other stylists - either in person or virtually! You have a few options to choose from.

1. REGISTER TODAY for a Spring Rally near you!

Christine Ormond has organized "Stellapalouza!" on January 18th in Mississauga. It's SUPER IMPORTANT you register is limited and we are going to cut off registrations around 1/10 because we have to give the venues a number of people coming.

OH! And did I mention that a special guest from home office will be there?!?!

For the girls in New Brunswick, there are 2 Spring Rallys close by:

Bristol, New Brunswick on Saturday January 18th :

Halifax, Nova Scotia on Monday January 13th :


If you're not local to any of these, check on the events page and see if there is something closer to you.

For the girls down East - if you are looking for an excuse for a weekend in Toronto AND would love to claim it as a business expense, I would love to have you come and stay!!! ;)


2. If you can't attend a Spring Rally due to schedules, find a pacing partner that lives close to you that you can connect with via phone or in person! Post on your Regional FB page that you're looking for a local pacing partner to connect with.

Here's how our POA will work - a little recap:

Each day I'm going to post a task (via email) for all of us to complete. They may be short, they may be long, or they may be in between - but each will contain some task you can complete to move your business forward. When you've completed the task, send me an email stating that you've done so. EVERYONE who completes all seven will be rewarded for participating with a pack of Look Books! You don't have to do one a day...if you'd prefer, you can wait a few days and then complete all those you missed. The important part is that you're DOING the tasks - not necessarily WHEN you do them!

It's that simple! Email me your results and let me know which route you went.

xo Hailey

PS - I am serious about having you come to stay!