Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

R'Moni Long

What is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome?

The death of a seemingly healthy baby in its sleep, due to an apparent spontaneous cessation of breathing.
Infants are at highest risk for SIDS during sleep it is referred to as cot death or crib death. (

Does Genetics Play A Role?

Yes Genetics are involved. SIDS often more dominant in males. (

Infants sleeping on their bellies and are exposed to tobacco smoke are at greater risk than other infants.


Often babies are more high risked of SIDS when:

* Sleeping on the stomach

  • *Being around cigarette smoke while in the womb or after being born

  • *Sleeping in the same bed as their parents (co-sleeping)

  • *Soft bedding in the crib

  • *Mothers who smoke or use illegal drugs

  • *Being born to a teen mother

    *Living in poverty situations

    Are There Any Symptoms Or Common Signs?

    NO! Most SIDS death occur without any symptoms, when the infant is thought to be asleep.

    They show no signs of struggle and are often found in the same position as when they were placed in the bed.


    Any Cures?

    There is actually no cures but this genetic disorder can be prevented. (

    Here are some ways to prevent SIDS:

    -Always put a baby to sleep on its back.

    -Only put babies to sleep in a crib.

    -Let babies sleep in the same room (NOT the same bed) as parents.

    -Avoid soft bedding materials.

    -Make sure the room temperature is not too hot.

    -Offer the baby a pacifier when going to sleep.

    -Do not use breathing monitors or products marketed as ways to reduce SIDS.