Turtles in Distress

What could you do to save the turtles??

pick up trash

I think people should pick up trash to save their special sea turtles and tortoises. “ Turtles think plastic bags are jellyfish and eat them and then die because of it” pg.4. When you throw trash on the ground you don’t only pollute the air, you kill the animals. The animals are endangered because of it. People ae always too lazy to pick up the trash. You need to pick the trash up because turtles can leave a happy lifestyle for us. When you go on vacations they become enjoyable for you to see because they are so cute!!

Don't kill them for their shells and meat

Turtles have been around for thousands of years people have been killing the sea turtles for thousands of years also. They kill them for their meat and shells. They are innocent animals that people kill them for. People kill them for their shells because…” Their skin is tough leather scaly, and covered with many wrinkle and folds” pg. 13. And that’s one reason why they kill the turtles for. The other reason is why they kill them for their meat. “ In poor countries turtle meat and eggs are often eaten by people who depend on the food for protein” pg. 23. But, the thing is why can’t they eat a different animal that ISN’T ALMOST gone, and that has protein.

more legislation to protect them

I think people and government need to make more laws about the killing of sea turtles and tortoises. It seems like they have a lot of laws about underage drinking and bullying but, not about sea turtles. “ Enironalmenlists outside the Seattle Convection Center protest the world Trade Organizations rejection of the Turtle Shrimp Amendment” pg. 37. “People who live in poor countries depend on turtles as a source of food and income” pg.23. I think people could help them with food because if food is the problem than someone can help them with that. SAVE THE TURTLES!!