Virginia: The Old Dominion

The First English Colony to the New World

English's First Colony

By the Virginian Company, we first came to find treasures of gold, silver, etc. at Jamestown Instead, we found tobacco, and now the major cash crop has become are main source of income.

The Land

Founded by John Smith in 1607, the colony started at the fort of Jamestown and soon moved and expanded to the present day Virginia. The area supported and soon the land, overtime, evolved with Tobacco Plantations everywhere on the land.

Who we are

Our colony supports the Anglican religion, and those who do not participate will be forced to pay tribute to the Church.

We still accept everyone who may feel that there is more opportunity and want a new chance.

Here we are split into groups of rich and landless. The landless work on our land and help cultivate tobacco because it is our colonies main source of tribute to the homeland.

We are most known for our tobacco growth, and that we were the first English colony that was officially settled.

John Smith

A major contributor to our founding is John Smith, and the explorer established the our Colony in 1606