Terabyte Twosdays

Sometimes almost every other Tuesday!

Morning News

Good news, thanks to some testing by Lori Judd, she found out that both lunch count and attendance can be done on the iPad. Let me know if you have questions.

PS - A student could log in and do the lunch count (if you trust) them on a desktop.

Digital Discovery - Forsyth County's Professional Conference


We are excited to announce Digital Discovery, an information-packed, idea-generating day! Digital Discovery is an ideal opportunity for educators at the elementary and middle school levels to network, learn, grow, and share their passion for teaching and learning with technology. This unique professional development event will feature breakout sessions led by Forsyth County teachers that highlight the best instructional technology tools and strategies in today’s classrooms. Based on the five attributes of the Learner Profile, each session is designed for educators to gain new techniques, sharpen their skills, and learn from innovative practitioners.

Click Here for More Information!

Let me know if you would like to present something together!

The deadline for presentation submissions has been extended until Monday, September 21!

Differentiating, Creating Groups or Assigning Permissions on itsLearning

Changing Permissions to a Folder (same directions can be used for a page and more)

Creating Groups in itslearning

Constitution Day Live Virtual Field Day


Assigning Activities

Using the Magic Wand

Log into itslearning through Internet Explorer to access Wixie without the pop-up blocker.


VoiceThread Link - All students and teachers are loaded into VoiceThreads with the regular computer username and password. If they go through itsLearning, it should connect but you might have to use the link above or in BobcatBytes for students.

-Please note: students must log in via desktop or laptop before using an iPad.

Sample VoiceThread (you only need to watch the first 5 min. or so to get the idea)

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