Welcome To Tri Valley Schools 2017

Welcome To 6th Grade

I'm excited to kick off a new school year. I just wanted to let parents know of some policies and expectations for my class this year. If you have questions, feel free to contact me. My email is cp310810@ohio.edu, or you can contact the school at (740) 796-2153
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About Me

My name is Mr. Palmer and this is my first year teaching. I graduated from Ohio University Zanesville. I have been married for 14 years and have 3 children who also attend Tri Valley Schools. I enjoy reading, especially anything related to history. I love my Ohio sports teams (Reds, Bengals, Buckeyes and the Cavs) and enjoy watching Nascar and cheer for Martin Truex Jr. I love working with children and making a meaningful impact on their lives. I'm very excited to start the year and get to know each one of my students. Please feel free to say hi whenever you see me, as I want to have a working relationship with all the parents.


Sixth grade is a very important time for children and teachers. We are working to prepare them to take the next step in their lives and get them ready for Middle School. We will be working to get the students to think critically about what they are reading and to be able to compare and contrast different genres of books. In Social Studies, we will be learning about early civilizations and working on student's spatial thinking skills as it relates to geography. We will also be covering human systems and how physical environments influence human activities and vice versa. As the year progresses, I hope you will see a difference in how your child is expanding in his/her thinking skills.

Take Home Folder

The students will be bringing a folder home every night. Each side will have a label; bring back and stays home. The bring back side will be where their homework or permission slips will be at. Please check folders every night and return the required items. The stay home side is where things like completed tests, papers, or information on upcoming events will be located. These do not need to be returned to school the following day.

Homework Policy

For Language Arts, students will be required to read a minimum of 20 minutes per night (preferably more if able). On top of that, there will be written homework assignments twice a week. The homework is to be completed and sent back the following school day. Social Studies will only have homework assignments once a week and the same rule applies. Please review your child's agenda every night and sign or initial that the homework and reading has been completed. Thank you for your cooperation.

Supply List

3- Packs of 3x5 index cards (plain or lined)

4- Packs of 12, #2 pencils

1- Three ring binder, 2 inch

1- Three ring pencil pouch

5- Plastic pocket folders (hole punched)

1- Black Sharpie marker

2- Boxes of Kleenex

1- One subject spiral notebook (for Language Arts)

1- Composition journal

1- Flash drive (at least 4GB)

Optional Crayons or colored pencils

Optional Disinfecting Wipes or Hand Sanitizer