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Progress Delayed Isn't Progress Denied! 01/04/16

What's Happening Now?

Welcome Back and Happy New Year!

The hope of a secure and livable world lies with disciplined nonconformists who are dedicated to justice, peace, and brotherhood.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Weekly Updates

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Staff must park by the maintenance building. I have asked Tony about getting a light put on the concession stand; hopefully, this will happen in the very near future. Until this happens, to minimize any potential accidents, staff should walk on the paved road. Do not cut across the grass as this area is not plowed. Additionally, the landscapers seeded the area and we do not want to ruin the new grass, prior to it germinating.
Please add the Pesticide Policy to your monthly newsletters. Rule R400.8380 (9) Liquid spray or aerosol insecticide applications will not be performed in a room of a center unless the room will be unoccupied by children for not less than 4 hours or longer if required by the pesticide label for use.


We are waiting on the final inspection approval letters. Hopefully, we will receive it in the next few days, as I know the students are eager to get outside and play!

Welcome Linda

Linda is the new day time custodian for OES and OELC.

Mandatory Staff Meeting RSVP Below

Monday, January 18th @ 8am at OELC

Parent Meeting

January 7th. Parent Advisory Committee

January 20th Kindergarten Move-Up

Meijer's has donated $150 for food. Please Click on the live green link below to sign up to work childcare.

Click on the green box--its a live link to forms.

Would you like to work this Thursday from 5:45-7:15 pm?

Parent Meeting 4 Child Care Workers Needed

Budget-This is how we will pay for it!

In the future, if you would like to request supplies, please put a request in the supply folder in the front office before the 15th of the month. Orders will be placed at the beginning of each month (contingent on the budget). The following orders were placed this week. I will notify you when your supplies come in: GSRP CLK order dated 11.6.15, GSRP LEO order dated 10.21.15 and a storage bin for bikes, toddler class some of the items from 10.13.15 and PSO order dated 8.25.15. You should be able to collect your supplies at our next staff meeting.
Hot Topic: "Get your notes done, but i'm on break!"

Your input is important! Please share your thoughts and suggestions. You can suggest a Hot Topic at the bottom of this page under the comment section.

Licensing Update

2016 Renewals


Bring pick your license binder at OELC before the end of the week. I still need to review Leonard and Lakeville's' binder. Doreen, I have the binder for the staffing but not the other binder with all of your documents.

PD Logs

Click on the live green link below.

Technical Assistance and Consultation Manual 1/1/16

Please review the new Technical Assistance and Consultation Manual for all licensing requirements.

24 HOUR PD LOG 2/1/16-12/31/16

Use the attached form to complete your PD log. The form should be completed and turned in monthly with supporting certificates.

Updated 2016 Calendar (click the green link below)


Improving our skills will improve our quality of instruction.

Thanks for attending Problem Solving and Social/Emotional Development on December 30th: Jillian, Sue S., Megan, Susie, Kelly L., Desiray, Nancy, Leanne, Jennifer and Zach

2016 Calendar

Please hover over the dates to see upcoming events/activities.

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Extended Day Updates

With the recent attention on the value of STEM education, it's the perfect time to share resources for teaching STEM in afterschool. Check out the following tools, apps and resources:

Early Childhood Updates

Kindergarten Move-Up

Where: OES Library

When: January 20th

Who: all of 4 year old classrooms

Time: 9:30-10:30 am and 6:00-7:00 pm

In her article, "Seeing Children's Eagerness for Relationships," Deb Curtis concludes...
I continue the practice of always looking for children's positive social behaviors to document and make visible to them and to me. I observe children working together throughout the room and document their activities through note taking and asking myself these questions:

• What specific things do children do and say that indicate they are connecting with each other and building relationships?
• How do they use objects or materials in their play to communicate their ideas?
• What challenges or conflicts occur?
• What do the children do and say to resolve their differences?

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Are you interested in getting new scented playdough monthly?

If you are interested in getting some freshly made play-dough every month, please click on the live link green link below to sign up? The only thing that is required is you must also sign up one month to make play-dough. Click on the live green link below. Team work makes the dream work!

Making Playdough?

Are you interested in getting some freshly made playdough every month? Click on the live link to find out how.

Mandatory Staff Meeting and PD RSVP Required

Monday, Jan. 18th, 8am-3pm

105 Pontiac Street

This is a mandatory staff meeting and PD Training!

  1. If you can not attend this meeting, decline the RSVP and write a note at the bottom of this newsletter explaining why. There is a comment section at the bottom of this page.
  2. Wear Your "OELC Shirt!" If you do, you can wear JEANS to work!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Where to Go For Help?

Washea Jackson, Director cell 248-622-8753, office 248-969-5047
Sue Roeher, Program Coordinator cell 248-969-5036, office 248-969-5036
Pat Mueller, Education Coordinator cell 248-626-7638, office 248-969-5082
Pam Andrew, Parent Coordinator (off)
Beki Story Office Administrator office 248-969-5038

2015/2016 Approved Subs

Destiny Bunton 616-802-4042
Loretta Christenson 248-276-0691
Miranda Chambers 248-535-0584
Jan Garreston 248-628-4218
Dorothy Graham 248-236-0361 and 248-464-0788
Kim Keenan 248-462-1304
Denise Nichols 248-672-7886

Help Desk-Jason French 969-1898

Maintenance Linda 969-5078