Mechanical Reaper

Mykaila Reyes

who was the inventor?

Cyrus McCormick

how does the invention work?

  • A horse drawn mechanical machine used for harvesting grain or other crops. Made to cut down wheat much more quickly and much better.

what is the purpose of the invention?

  • The purpose of the mechanical reaper was to harvest crops. Before his invention, farmers harvested with cradle scythes and a skilled worker could harvest at most 2 or 3 acres (0.8 to 1.2 hectares) per day.

where did the invention occor?

  • Rockbridge County, Virginia.

when did the inventor occur?

  • In 1831

why was there a need for this invention?

  • to make it easier and faster to harvest crops

why is the invention important in history?

  • It was very important to the people because it could harvest more crops than they usualy could.