Miami Springs Commercial Property Finally On The Market

Enterprising Location with Easy Access, Visibility, and Traffic

Miami Springs has changed a lot in the past decade. Once a purposely forgotten town of airline retirees, The Springs is the best kept secret of North East Miami-Dade. If you have never heard of Miami Springs don't be surprised. The residents like it that way. They frequent local shops like Starbucks, Barry's Cleaners, Burrito Ville, Lulu's Flowers, and Sabores Cafe', with very little need to leave the area. It's what's happening just across the canal from Okeechobee at the site of the Historic Theater that is going to dictate the future of the "not so secret" hamlet. As it will draw attention and dollars to the Shopping District. With it's own immaculate yet affordable Golf Course and Country Club, Spanish style homes, The Springs are not a secret anymore. The store that goes into the theater has to be symbiotic with the feel of the town and the family oriented "mini Coral Gables" feel. The site is near the very successful Traffic Circle, has incredible road access, and visibility. "You just have to see it and your imagination will run wild! You need a vision for the building and love for the town to know what belongs here." Yanet Iturralde-Santana Realtor Piquet Realty said about the site. "If you dream big and picture a 3 story Boutique Hotel Residence, that is the highest and best use for the site in my opinion. A technical school would be great too! We are looking at all the options."

With more commercial offerings in the area the seller is confident that he can revitalize the East Side of the Miami Springs Down Town area. The constant flow of traffic past the Parker Vertical Lift Bridge can prognosticate the success of any project. Plus Miami Springs has a Round About. Making it virtually seamless to make an easy u-turn should you pass a new store you really want to check out.

The 2012 Study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety on The Effect of Round About's on neighboring business states that they improve traffic by creating a steady slow flow of traffic. For many of us they make a quick u-turn so much safer and faster. They sure aren't good for impulse shopping, well maybe in this case they are. The Miami Springs Circle feeds a constant slow flow of traffic to the Parker Vertical Lift Bridge right past all the SANTANACOMMERCIALPROPERTY.COM commercial offerings.

The proximity to the airport makes a theme restaurant or gourmet theater an obvious choice as well. Whatever it may be Miami Springs can use an injection of life into this area of town. Leaving a lasting impression on those travelers who are just passing through, so they'll come back again really soon.

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