Sustainable Energy

Our Future Depends On It - By, An Environmental Engineer


Your town lies in the far north coast of Queensland and it is my pleasure to give advice to you on your sustainable energy resources. I believe that you live in a warm climate and experience some very rough sea.

Past, Present and Future

In the past few years the town has been using coal-powered energy to power the area. It is working well but due to the fact that coal is a mineral and is very quickly running out, starting to work with more sustainable resources would be ideal for the present and coming future. I recommend that hydroelectricity and solar would suit your town wonderfully.

A Hydroelectric Power Plant

The world has really gone overboard with technology, that is true. There seems to be an answer to every question, nowadays. You asked, and here is your answer... hydroelectric power plants that is. They simply use the power in water to generate electricity. Simple! Plus, the very useful part in these power plants is that it will actually boost the visitors that will come. They will be intrigued to see a hydroelectric power plant in front of their very eyes.

This is an example of a hydroelectricity power system:

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Hydroelectric Power Plant Working Animation

there are different types of hydroelectric power plants


We are very fortunate to live in a country where the sun's rays shine high, although this is sometimes not that good it is for us because we can use solar power. I am thinking of some solar panels here and there, maybe on top of your fish processing plants. Sometimes the case is that the panels spoil the view as well as help power the town, but because it's on top of work buildings it is far more convenient and attractive to look at. This is not only helping the town with work but will also lure tourists. Two bird with one arrow as they say!

Solar panels Process

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What Works

I recommend that your new sustainable energy system should be both solar and marine (hydroelectric) energy. I have already given you tips and hope that they were useful. After my estimate I am very sure that the renewable energy is enough to sufficiently power your town. If you find me of any use while building of your power plants, I would gladly help.