Coniferous Forest Vacation

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Christmas Tree Sale

Christmas Tree sale starting at $50!!!!!

The best trees in North America guaranteed.

If you cant come than we will ship it for free!!!!!!!!

Call 973-973-973

Other trees you might want:

Balsam Fir Trees-40-60 feet

Black Spruce Trees-20-30 meters tall

Larch Trees-120 feet

Aspen trees-30 feet

They Are cut down fresh every day,for every tree brought we plant a new one.

$750,000 a month


Climate-The winters are cold and snowy and the summers are hot,filled with animals and plants.

Weather-The usual weather for this forest is -40c to 20c.We usually get 300 to 900 millimeters of rain per year.

We promise you,,will have the best time of your live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Animal and Plant Adaptations

To survive animals have many special ability's For example some plants are poisons like the poison ivy.Others are needle like which allow them to have short blooming cycles.For animals some use hibernation like the brown bear during the cold winter.Others are tall or have extra fur and/or skin like the moose.This is their survival guide that they use to stay alive.

Playing is Fun

If your coming here just to have fun well you have come to the right place.We have many outdoor trips like hiking,biking.When its Winter you can go sledding,or skiing.

During our hunting season you may qualify on a hunting permit.

You Will Need


Extra Clothes

Hiking boots

For cold weather: