Dante's Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt for family fun!

What's With All This Garbage?

Dante's Scavenger Hunt is a summer time hot spot in Asheville for loads of family fun. It is $5.00 for adults and $3.00 per child (ages 4 -12). First off you'll make a list of 15 items you think you will find. Next you'll grab a provided metal trashcan at the gate and head on in with your list. You will be competing against other family's there and will be timed ( so you better get to searching! ). When time is up, you will exit the gates and an attendee will compare your list to what is in your trashcan. Whoever finds the most things on their list that round will win a free stuffed Cerberus!

How Can You Help Us Out?

Just bring in your bags of trash. No food leftovers, just trash. The more garbage, the more family fun!

Who's Going to Have the Most Fun?

We recommend this scavenger hunt for anyone who is ready for a family friendly challenge and doesn't mind getting their hands a little dirty. Thrift shoppers thrive in this activity. Everyone will have fun!

Opening Day

Friday, June 13th, 11:30am

Asheville, NC, United States

Asheville, NC

After working hard under the sun, cool off in our Water Park!

It includes:

  • Lazy River (you can float in a tube or life jacket)
  • Multiple Water Slides
  • Rip Tide Wave Pool
  • Water Wars
  • Toddler Water Garden
  • Rafting and Boating Adventures
  • Ice Cream Shop

And much, much more! Don't forget your swim suit!