Top 12 List

Rules to Remember when communicating online


  1. Always use good grammar
  2. Remember to proofread your messages
  3. Use a good tone for you may seem bossy and unprofessional due to the situations being asynchronous
  4. Double Check Emails to ensure you've typed the right address
  5. Keep file sizes small to prevent long download times
  6. Watch what you say, for the internet is forever
  7. Be respectful to others online
  8. Keep personal info to your person
  9. If a friend is communicating to your person in a disrespectful way which makes you uncomfortable, then inform them of your discomfort
  10. If you are being harassed or threatened, discontinue communication with them and either:
    a) remove them from your friends list
    b) block them
    c) or report them to the site administrator
  11. To prevent people from breaking into your accounts, use passwords which are long and difficult to guess
  12. Be professional at all times