Oregon Trail Journal

The Exciting Story Of Thomas Coleman

Day #1

We departed on our potentially rigorous journey to the west coast on April 25, 1854. Our first real challenge was when we reached the Missouri River. Our wagon train found a seemingly nice spot to cross. The water was not fast nor at a high level. Luckily there was a nice Indian who was charging 25$ for safe passage. I decided that I didn't want to take the chance and paid the Indian 25$ for safe passage.

I few days later on train was running low on food. We came to a large patch full of animals. I hunted and got 15 pounds of deer meat. A little while later we came across and Indian. He gave us a test of courage. I bet him 25$ and lost.

Day #2

To start off the next few weeks we stopped at a stream to get water. A lot of our wagon train was starting to get low on water and this was a vital stop. Just a few days later we met yet another Indian. He gave us a Man test luckily we all passed. He looked like quite the shady fellow.

Unfortunately we came to a divide in the trail. While we were talking to the natives, they said that the trail to the left was a shorter and quicker trail but, it also had a quite a lot of angry Indians along the path. There was a higher chance getting jumped by Indians on that trail then the trail to the right. The trail on the right was said to be much longer but that it avoided the angry Indians. Our train took the shorter trail.

Day #3

While on the road we encountered a group of Indians. They warn that if we keep going that we could be killed. On train Takes the chance and keeps going. Unfortunately, we see dangerous looking Indians and are forced to take a long detour.

While on this trail a person in my family is run over. He will survive, and we keep going. We come up to another river. We find a spot that we think is a safe, however it does not look as safe as the missouri river. Again there is and Indian offering safe passage but this time he is asking for 50$!!!! I decide to pay that much and cross the river. I make it across safely.

A little while later, we are desperately trying to out run a group of Indians. We decide to keep running through the night. Luckily we make it to fort to avoid a massacre.

Day #4

We are coming up to the last few weeks of our journey. Unfortunately my family and I came across a big problem. My youngest daughter, Linda Coleman, got sick with a very dangerous disease called Cholera. Most unfortunately, this disease took her life. I oh so dearly wish this tragic accident didn't happen. Alas we must continue with our journey.

As we kept with our journey on train decided to seize an opportunity to hunt as we are all starting to run low on food. I got lucky and caught 10 pounds of gopher.

As the mountain starts to take a drastic incline we are forced to make a decision. The snow in the mountains has started falling early and our trail has to either try to make it through the mountain pass which is either covered in snow or just bearable. The other option is that we track back and wait for the winter to pass over. You have better chance of survival if you go back and wait out the winter. My team decides to go for the pass.With only a few hours to spare we make it through the pass.

That concludes our journey to Oregon. With a little bit of luck and skill we made it to the promised land.