Be Prepared For MLG At Its Core

Planet MLG Info

Planet MLG is very special in that it has perfect conditions for human life. This planet mostly consists of water, with islands dotted across it. It orbits a red dwarf star named Get Rekt Sun. Due to the red dwarf star, Planet MLG is tidally locked, meaning the period of revolution and the period of rotation happen in the same amount of time, cancelling the Day/Night cycle. Luckily, Planet MLG has strange holes that transport you from an island facing the star to an island that faces away from the star and vice versa. The planet is half the size of Earth, and the distance between the star and the orbit is half the distance between the Sun and Earth's orbit. If Earth's mass and orbit distance from the star is equal to 1, Planet MLG has a mass and orbit distance of 0.5. The planet's islands are split into 3 terretorial groups. These groups have a section on the near and far side, so that you stay in your group when you transport to go to sleep. The Province of the Airhorns is where our volcanoes lie. When the volcanoes erupt, they produce a sound similar to that of an airhorn. Due to to the lava, producers fail to thrive in the province. Somehow, algae shrouds the water around the Province of the Airhorns. This is where those who fail to abide to the law are sent to do work searching and experimenting to find a land producer that can survive on the Province. Next is the United Nation of the Noobs. This is where all normal workers live and work. It is the largest group in size and population. It is called the United Nation of the Noobs because the people here are the latest and last people to populate Planet MLG, making them new (New --> Newbie --> Newb --> Noob), and therefore making them noobs. We specially set this group apart for those most comfortable with an Earth-like enviornment because this group has many trees and animals from Earth, making them feel right at home. Finally, the last group is the Illuminati Isles, set aside for the VIPs of the planet. These islands are where the discoverers, the funders of the expedition, and the president of the planet. Being the first person to set foot on the planet, I am the current president. These Isles are pure paradise. Here we have only one producer, the Illuminati plant, that blooms in a triangular formation with an eye in the center. Every revolution (4 Earth days), they supply us with food, water, and oxygen. There are no plate tectonics, so the island are not explainable.

Purely Scientific Info

Star: Red Dwarf

Mass: Half of an Earth

Orbit: 0.5 Au

Volcanoes: Yes

Plate Tectonics: No

Liquid Water: Yes

Producers: Yes

Tides: Planet MLG has 4 moons, two on one side, two on the other. Therefore, high tides are higher and low tides are lower. The rotation of the moons is equal to the rotation speed of Planet MLG, so some places are locked in high tide and some are locked in low tide. These moons are all exactly one half the mass of Planet MLG. They eminate a strange rainbow glow.