PVES Enhancement Update

What is going on in those enhancement classes?

Welcome to the Park View Enhancement Newsletter!

This newsletter is intended to keep our school community updated on the happenings and upcoming events in our students enhancement classes. Look for our updates quarterly throughout the school year!

Art Happenings

First and Second grade students have been learning about the Russian artist, Wassily Kandinsky. Kandinsky grew up loving music. He loved colors also and even remarked as a child that the colors of nature dazzled him. The students learned that colors and music greatly influenced his artwork. He believed that colors could visually convey emotion in visual art just like the notes of music can convey emotion when people hear it. Kandinsky also believed that shape and line worked with color to express emotions in a drawing or painting as well. Many paintings that Kandinsky painted contained shapes, especially concentric circles. Students learned about concentric circles and created their very own concentric circles. After creating our colorful concentric circles, each student in the first and second grade put up their circle in the hallway to make colorful Kandinsky Trees. They learned that concentric circles are all around us, (i.e. a tree trunk, eyes, the ripples in water when raindrops hit it, an archery or dart game target, the symbol for the Target store, tires or wheels, a bird’s eye view of a tiered cake, a ship’s wheel, a sliced onion, some clocks).

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PE Activities

In PE we have been working on moving around the gym safely, setting base
lines for some of our goals, and becoming a healthier me! Each rotation
the children learn 3 new exercises.


Have your children
teach you how to do a crab walk touch or planks.Commercials are a great

time to do these, and it helps make sure we're moving throughout the day!

Also try and stand on one foot while you brush your

teeth, it helps improve balance and your core strength. Remember: play is
perpetual youth.

Making Music!

Students have been busy keeping the steady beat and creating rhythms this first quarter. We have learned that the steady beat of the music is like our heart beat in many ways.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Grade Students have started creating their own rhythms, as well as listening and dictating rhythms that they hear.

Kindergarten Students have started learning about the different ways we can use our voice, and when to use it in different ways.

Be on the look out for our next update!

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