By: Sarah Owen

Branch Name

It is in the life branch of science. It is in this branch because it is about working with animals. They work with the animals injuries and use medice to help treat the animals they work with.


Education Path

The degrees you will need are, veterinary medicine, and a graduate veterinary medicine. Some high school courses that would be helpful are animal science, chemistry, public speaking, and statistics and probability.

Training School and College

This is the degree you will need from training school pre-veterinary medicine. There are many schools all over the U.S that teach this class. The school I would choose to go to is Springfield College in Illinois because it is a nice school on 25 acres. It is a two year school with a student to faculty ratio of 12:1. It is a university that is urban. The campus is in the picture above.


The average GPA to get into this school is at least 3.00. The SAT score is around 1350-1820. The ACT score is about 20-26. It is hard to get into the school but if you work hard you will most likely get in



The salary for Wisconsin from entry to experienced is about $48,790-$125,850. The salary for people working for national from entry to experienced is about $49,910-$145,230. The salary per hour is around $23.00-$70.00 for both national and Wisconsin.


The hours per week for a vet are between 45-80 hours, but can be on emergency call. Most vets are able to use a CAT scanner, MRIs, and linear accelerators. Some vets work with large animals where as others work with smaller ones. Vets that work with smaller pets are usually in an office. Ones that work with larger animals drive a pickup truck with the equipment in the back to the animals.