Skills 21 Final Project

Digital citizenship is important to all people because....

Main question

_____Digital citizenship is important for all people because now days. Being a digital citizen simply means that you take place in todays online world. Almost everybody has a digital footprint and it is unique. Being a digital citizen gives us people so many advantages. For example, my grandparents who live in Wisconsin love to take photos. If we were not part of the digital world, all of the photos would thus have to be mailed to each-other which could take many days or even a week.

There are two types of digital citizens in this digital generation. Digital Immigrants and Digital natives. Digital natives were born around technologies and have lived with these technologies their whole life. Digital immigrants were born before these main technologies and then the technologies came into their lives. I (14 Year old) am an example of a digital native along with my younger sister. However, my parents are digital immigrants because they did not have Facebook and Twitter growing up.

_____Being a digital citizen actually requires people to be healthy and well. For example, when one person is being rude to another over these technologies, it is known as cyber-bullying which is not being digitally healthy or well. Also, a female sends an explicit photo to a male, or vis versa. This is known as sexting. This is not being digitally healthy because once the photo is sent to a person, that person could relay the photos to hundreds of people. Many people who do this regret this because the photo can be seen by everyone which can cause bullying. Another part of digital health and wellness is physical and physiological well being. This is showing how being a digital citizen isn't bad, but once it interferes with other things that are more important, it is not good.

_____Two articles were brought to my attention about Rebecca Black's song "Friday," Once she put the video of her singing on the internet she was bullied so bad that she had to be home-schooled. This is awful and it is showing how some people who were bulling Rebecca were not good digital citizens.

_____Now that you know more about digital citizenship, I hope you practice digital health and wellness and become an excellent digital citizen with a great digital footprint. I wish all of you digital natives and digital immigrants luck in being a great digital citizen.

Digital Literacy

Digital Health and Wellness

Sexting skit

Physical and Psychological Well Being

Being a digital citizen is not a bad thing. However, it is very important to be physically active still. If people are spending time on the computer or other digital devices instead of doing things they need to do like homework, schoolwork and a social life. Once these things are replaced by digital citizenship, a problem occours.

Cyber-Bullying and Rebecca Black (Noodletools)


Special credits to Sam Beal, Darrin Dominique, Kyle Mcarthy, and Anthony Masullo