Area 51

Maddie LeMoine


Also known as "Dreamland" (Thank you, Edgar Allan Poe.), Area 51 is located in the southern portion of Nevada, 100 miles of Las Vegas. It was built around the Groom Dry Lake in the 1950's. Established by the CIA, Area 51 is 575 square miles in mass. Due to its heavily guarded borders, Area 51 is one of America's biggest secrets.

What makes Area 51 so strange?

In 1950, the Cold War was in full swing. The United States needed a military base that is completely undercover from the Soviet spies. The U.S wanted to build a spy plane that couldn't be detected from air traffic control. The U-2 spy plane could fly thousands of miles higher than any other aircraft at the time. There has also been many conspiracies of extra-terrestrial life held in Area 51 and UFO sightings within the area.

Area 51 Today

In the 1960, the U-2 spy plane was shot down while conducting espionage over the U.S.S.R. Though there has not much recent news about Area 51, the base is becoming less and less secretive as time has gone by. The public has been attempting to uncover code-names, spy equipment, and the names of pilots for the unknown aircrafts.

Countless Theories

  • Many "UFO" crashes along New Mexico and Nevada.
  • Government tests on supernatural devices (time machines, spy-gear, etc.)
  • Belief of aliens and extra-terrestrial beings
  • The moon landing is believed to have been staged in Area 51 because of spacecraft at hand in the base.


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